Building Strong Families

Faith@Home was created to help families become intentional about building a God-honoring home one step at a time. Whatever life stage you may find yourself in, the home is going to be the place where most people will spend the majority of their time. To that point, we believe that God designed the home to be the place where primary faith formation in children and adults takes place.

In the home, for better or worse, our authentic and true selves come out and God uses this rich environment to shape our faith formation. That is why, through Faith@Home, we want to equip and inspire you to build a life-long and thriving marriage, introduce your children to Christ and launch your teens as committed believers as you build a God-honoring home. Below are some resources to help you do just that!

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Marriage Resources

God intends for every marriage to reflect His love and faithfulness.  That is why we equip couples to be intentional about creating life-long, thriving relationships where husbands and wives grow deeper in their relationship with each other and with Jesus.

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Parenting Resources

God has called parents and grandparents to intentionally lead and nurture faith in the next generation. Our hope in passing on faith to the next generation is that children would realize their need for Jesus and then grow deeper in their love and service to Him.

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Faith Path Resources

We believe that God designed the family as the primary place for discipleship. The Faith Path initiative exists to partner with you as you guide your child’s faith journey one step at a time. The Faith Path suggests a focus of specific practices and milestones at certain ages. However, you know your child best and can determine the most appropriate time to emphasize each step.



We encourage families to follow three steps every 120 days to assess where you've been and have a plan for where your going.

Step 1

Assess your level of intentionality over the past 120 days
Take Reflection Now

Step 2

Identify your specific family seasons. Use the three Family Life Stages above

Step 3

Create a Faith@Home plan for the next 120 days
Fill Out Your Plan Now


Find out what’s available by taking a tour of the Faith@Home Center. Its open before and after services in the Worship Center Atrium.


To help you stay resourced, equipped and inspired, every 120 days we launch a new campaign that focuses on a specific theme to help you build a more God-honoring home. Check out these resources available and start being intentional today!

Best Summer Ever

Mos  Summer is a great opportunity to be intentional to grow personally, with your spouse and with your kids. As you prepare for summer, we want to equip you to make this a significant time for you and your family.



A number of things compete for our time, attention, affections and resources during the holiday season. In the blink of an eye, the beauty, spirit and intent of Christmas can be consumed by the clamoring of commercialism and activities. As you think about and plan for the Christmas season, prayerfully consider what you want this season of Advent to be marked by for your family.

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7 Triple 1

To know the story of Exodus and Leviticus is to recognize it as our own: God rescues us from our sin and makes us holy. Take what we are learning in the Worship Service and Bible Study Groups home and study the books of Exodus and Leviticus together as a family. 


It Starts at Home

For better or worse, the home is the primary context for spiritual formation. We invite you to go through these Bible Study session that include interviews with parents talking about their own doubts and fears as well as powerful teaching to equip and inspire you from Kurt and Olivia Bruner, Gary Thomas, and Matt Chandler.


Connected 3D

Technology brings many benefits to our lives. But excessive screen time can create a flat, one-dimensional existence. We were made for the rich, three-dimensional experience of relationship with God and one another. Do you control your devices or are they starting to control you? How about your family? In a culture where everyone seems more “connected” than ever, how do we nurture real connection with the most important people in our lives?


Rekindled at Home

No matter where you are in your marriage, we want to help you take little steps in building a better relationship with your spouse. That is why, as a church, we want to come alongside couples and challenge them to develop a date night habit in order to nurture intimacy and foster a shared vision for your relationship going forward.


Meals at Home

Meals are full of meaning and significance but are also practical. Recent studies reveal that the single most decisive factor among kids who do well in school and avoid risky behaviors is eating meals with the family. Family meals give us a place to belong, a rhythm for health, and a moment of sanity!


Movies at Home

Most kids love watching movies so why not turn a passive activity into an intentional discussion around faith themes? If kids start looking at films through the lens of a Christian perspective, it will not only drive conversation and better relationships, but it will also help them learn and practice discernment with media.