What Should I Wear?

Dress comfortably and be yourself.  We are a multigenerational church with a variety of different styles of how we dress for church.  That said, you might see a Senior Adult in jeans and a millennial in a suit or vice versa.  Wear something, but we don't really care what you wear, we just care about you!

What Do I Do When I Get There?

When you walk into the building, a friendly greeter will welcome you and give you a worship guide, which is a bulletin that gives a rundown of the Worship Service and contains upcoming events that may be of interest to you.  The greeter is also there to answer any questions you might have.

What is the Worship Service Like?

The Worship Guide will tell you the rundown of the service and give you an idea of what to expect.  In front of you, in the seat back in front of you, will be a little piece of paper called a Connect Card.  If you want more information about Weems Creek, filling the Connect Card out and dropping it in the offering plate is an easy way to get answers you may be looking for.  We promise we won't email you from here to eternity and we won't come to your door!  We just want to be informative and accommodating to you if you have any questions.

Our Worship Services include an energetic blend of Scripture-based modern worship songs and classic hymns of faith led by a full worship band.  During the Worship Service we will sing, pray, read Scripture, laugh, hear stories about how God has formed, reformed, and transformed people's lives, and hear a message that is Biblically-based and relevant to life.  We hope you will enjoy your time with us so feel free to participate as much or as little as you like.

How Long is the Worship Service?

The service is typically an hour and ten minutes.  After the Worship Service, we would love for you to hang around a little bit.  The pastors will be at the back of the Worship Center and at the front near the stage to talk with you and answer any questions you might have.  Our people love to hang around as well and would love to meet you.

Can I Bring My Kids?

Absolutely! We welcome children of all ages at Weems Creek!  During Bible Study Groups, there are programs for infants through Senior Adults.  During the 11:00 Worship Service, infants through 5th grade participate in an interactive program called Kids Worship to ensure they are receiving a firm foundation of Biblical principles and worldview.


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