To better understand where we are going, it helps to take a look back at where we have been.

Weems Creek Baptist Chapel held its first service on February 11, 1951. The newly formed body was a mission of College Avenue Baptist Church. Like many missions, the church had no building of its own and met in the Garden Farms Community Building. In late 1952 the church’s first building committee met to discuss how best to house the mission’s ministries. The church was growing and formally became Weems Creek Baptist Church in 1953 with 39 charter members.

By March of 1954, the church found and purchased a property and building on Ridgely Avenue for $14,500. After some extensive repairs the church’s first building was officially dedicated on September 11 of that year. Two year’s later the church would call long-time pastor Roland Smith and his wife, Betty. They would serve the church for more than 37 years.. Under his leadership, the church purchased its current five-acre property and broke ground on the first phase of the existing building holding the first service on Mother’s Day 1960.

The parsonage was completed in 1961 and the church became fully self-supporting by 1963. The next addition was completed in 1964 and a final addition was constructed in 1974. A steeple was added to the church in 1975 and the church continued to maintain its facilities throughout Pastor Smith’s tenure.

Pastor David Orr was called to serve as pastor in 1994. He and his wife Phyllis have also served as a ministry team and continue to do so today.  By 1997, major building renovations were completed, allowing the church to better serve the community as the church body expanded.

God began stirring the hearts of leaders in the church in 2011 regarding the prospect of building a new worship facility.  Through God's providence and the sacrificial giving of the church family, in 2013, a new worship center was completed.  Years of faithfulness has led to this moment in time.  If there is one thing to be sure of, it is that the line marking Weems Creeks history has run parallel with God's providence.  Looking into the future, we go forward with confidence proclaiming to ourselves and our city God's infinite glory and goodness and that life with God is possible through Jesus Christ.