And is Better!

Imagine this. You’ve been coming to church. Maybe you even serve. You sit in the Worship Service almost every week, but now you’re getting the the feeling that you want something more. You want to connect relationally, or maybe you want to grow spiritually and understand more of the Bible. This is great news because studying the Bible together in a smaller group is one of the major ways that God spiritually grows us! That’s why we have Bible Study Groups on Sunday Mornings. In fact, along with the Worship Service, Bible Study Groups are one of the main things we do here because we believe you can’t grow spiritually without connecting relationally. So being a part of the Worship Service AND a Bible Study group on Sunday is a great combination!

What's a Bible Study Group?

Bible Study Groups come in all shapes and sizes - groups have men, women, singles, couples with or without kids Millennials and Baby Boomers - and the list goes on. No matter where you are in life, there is a Bible Study for you! Bible Studies spend time building relationships, exploring truth supporting each other through prayer and serving together. As a result, group members experience accountability, belonging and care. A Bible Study is your chance to pursue healthy relationships and spiritual growth. So when your ready for more, step out of your row and into a circle. Join a Bible Study. Life is better connected.


How Do I Choose a Bible Study Group?

Sunday Morning Bible Studies are organized loosely by age and life stage.  Click on the button below to see what group is right for you or fill out the form below and we will be happy to provide you with information and answers to your questions!

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