We serve because God has first served us and while we can never serve exactly like Jesus served others, our response in serving is an act of worship for who God is and what He has done.

Weems Creek Church believes that God has given each of us talents and gifts.  God takes what He has given us and uses them to share the Gospel with people in our city and in our world.  You can find a place to serve inside and outside the church whether its greeting guests, teaching the Bible to kids, serving our city to make it a better place, or going on a trip to a foreign country.  Click on the Serve buttons below in each section for more information.


Serve at Weems Creek

Every week our volunteers serve on campus to make our service and groups happen.  Serving with others on campus will connect you with different people while using your talents and gifts God has given you.


Serve the City

Annapolis and its surrounding area is a place that brings together all types of peoples and cultures together and offers the perfect place for our people to live out the love, hope and joy of the Gospel so that our city flourishes.  Serving our city not only brings God glory but makes our community a better place.


Serve Globally

We also believe that it is important to leave our immediate context and go around the world sharing the Gospel that Jesus restores our relationship with God and others.