Intentional Parenting

God has called parents and grandparents to intentionally lead and nurture faith in the next generation. Our hope in passing on faith to the next generation is that children would realize their need for Jesus and then grow deeper in their love and service to Him. Below, you will find free resources to help you take steps to make your home more intentional in your parenting and grandparenting

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Connected 3D

Technology brings many benefits to our lives. But excessive screen time can create a flat, one-dimensional existence. We were made for the rich, three-dimensional experience of relationship with God and one another. In a culture where everyone seems more “connected” than ever, how do we nurture real connection with the most important people in our lives?


It Starts at Home

It Starts at Home is a resource designed to inspire intentionality at home for married couples, parents, and grandparents. God has called parents to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to be the primary spiritual formers of their children. This resource contains a video curriculum, podcasts and access to numerous ideas that will help you be intentional about faith formation in your home.


Movies at Home

The Movies@Home resource is designed to give parents an easy faith conversation strategy. If teens and children start looking at films through the lens of a Christian perspective, it will not only drive conversation and better relationships, but it will also help them learn and practice discernment with media.


Meals at Home

Meals are full of meaning and significance but are also practical. Recent studies reveal that the single most decisive factor among kids who do well in school and avoid risky behaviors is eating meals with the family. Family meals give us a place to belong, a rhythm for health, and a moment of sanity!


Recipe Cards

Recipe cards are designed to give couples and families one idea they can implement this week or month to become more intentional about date night or passing on faith to the next generation with activities such as family nights, movie nights, mealtime moments, or bedtime blessings.


Faith Box

My Faith Box is a resource for parents to guide their child’s faith journey and capture spiritual growth keepsakes. My Faith Box, is ideal to help you create an age-specific plan on each birthday and capture memories from special milestones while giving you resources and ideas for how to be intentional in helping your child know, love, and follow Jesus.


Free Resources on Specific Situations in Parenting