Babysitting with a Purpose as a Grandparent

Making the most of babysitting opportunities can empower grandparents to take the natural influence they have in their lives and turn it into something extraordinary. Attention to the details and intentionality with time not only communicates a deliberate love to grandchildren, but also an amazing grace to their parents.


4 Things to Help You with Long Distance as a Grandparent

Even if you are committed to prioritizing your life around your grandchildren’s lives, just about every grandparent will have some of their grandchildren living far away from them. If you find yourself in long-distance grandparenthood, consider these 4 suggestions.


Experiencing Hope at the Dinner Table

The dinner table can be a surprising place where God refocuses and restores hope after long, hard days. It certainly was for two men on the Emmaus Road. Consider reclaiming your table this summer!

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James: Part 1

What we see in James 1 is that adversity is the gateway to deeper. Trials force us into a deeper dependency on God and to lean into Him in trusting ways that are impossible when everything is smooth-sailing.