Bearing Fruit in the Fall: 3 Ideas for Exhibiting Goodness

God is good! His integrity and moral perfection are flawless. His goodness to us is evident through His grace and love. Apart from Him, there is nothing good in us. Although this side of heaven we will never be perfect, through His Spirit, God can begin the process of purifying our lives.

Couples: Consider This Way to Exhibit Goodness as a Couple


A game to foster the fruit of goodness in your marriage


Set aside 15 minutes to establish the rules of a game you will play together the rest of the week.


Goodness is doing the right thing for the right reason. Easier said than done! Read Matthew 12:35 and discuss how a person brings forth good. (Hint: It has to do with the good treasure of the Holy Spirit within a person who is connected to Jesus Christ.) Next read Hebrews 10:24 and discuss what it means to “provoke” one another toward good works.



Foster a culture of goodness at home by making it easy for your spouse to do good things. The person who “provokes” his/her spouse toward goodness most successfully throughout the week wins.


Any and all of the following qualify…

  • A gentle touch that calms anxiety
  • A soft word that dispels tension
  • An apology that invites forgiveness
  • An affectionate wink that prompts one in return
  • A question that opens conversation
  • A muted phone that reduces distraction


Keep a dry-eraser marker by your bathroom mirror in order to tally successful provocations throughout the week. If there are any marks on your side of the mirror at the end of the week, you win a good back rub or foot rub. If there are marks on both sides, you both win a great hug and passionate kiss!


After the rub or kiss, briefly ask God to help you continue provoking goodness at home

Parents/Kids: Consider This Way to Exhibit Goodness as a Family


A family night activity to celebrate and share the good gifts of God


Prepare or identify 5-10 items/foods/experiences that your child(ren) can sample (e.g. a slice of their favorite fruit, a fun song, the wind from a fan, a flower, a board game, a warm hug, etc.).


Read Matthew 7:9-12 together.


Tell your family member(s) that you have planned a 15-minute goodness expedition. Give them clues to locate/connect to the items/experiences you have planned for them.


For each stop along the expedition, pause to give God thanks for good gifts, then discuss:

What does this good gift tell us about God’s goodness?

Examples may include:

  • He is an artist so He gives us beauty.
  • He is joy so He gives us pleasure.
  • He is love so He gives us relationships.

How might we fill our home with more of this good thing?

Examples may include:

  • Play beautiful/fun music in the car while driving together.
  • Eat meals together and enjoy the food/company.
  • Hug/kiss/touch more often.

PRAY Thank God for His goodness. Take time to focus on specific gifts that He has given that you talked about during your family time. Ask Him to help grow the fruit of goodness in your home.

Parents/Teens: Consider This Way to Exhibit Goodness as a Family


An activity with older children/teens to have meaningful conversation about the goodness of God


A device with Internet connection, a Bible, pen, and paper for each person


Pull up Chris Tomlin’s song “Good, Good Father.” You can find it on YouTube, itunes, etc. Listen for things that are good about God and write them down on a piece of paper.


Discuss everyone’s favorite part of the song. According to the song, why is God a good Father? What is true about us only because He is a good Father?


Read Psalm 31:19 together. This verse tells us that God has an abundance of goodness and that there are two things we can do to receive that goodness.

  • Respect: How do we model respect for God?
  • Trust: How do we model trust in God?


Goodness toward others, as a fruit of the Spirit, grows out of a response to God’s goodness toward us. Discuss ways that goodness will show itself in someone’s life.


Pray together thanking God for His goodness to you and ask for the grace to reflect that goodness in your home/daily life

David Barrett