This Wednesday at Weems Creek Kids - July 6

Wednesday Evenings: Kids in Motion

On Wednesday evenings, 3rd-5th graders participate in Kids in Motion. This is a program with 3 unique rotations for kids to get a well-rounded and fun small group experience. Modeling Deuteronomy 6, kids hearts are chiseled to have a passion for the things of God in
the rotation called Chisel. In Create, kids participate in interactive crafts and games that drive home the evening’s Biblical truth. In Mission, kids not only learn about the mission of God in
the world but also participate in missions.

What your child is being taught this week

Chisel and Create
Core Passage: 12:1-17
Text Truth: God always answers our prayers in the way that is best for us.
Connection Passage:King Herod did not like the disciples. He attacked some of the people in the church and even killed John’s brother, James. The Jewish religious leaders were happy about this, so Herod arrested Peter too. Herod assigned four groups with four soldiers each to guard Peter. Peter was in prison, but the church prayed and prayed and prayed for him. On the night before Herod was planning to kill Peter, Peter was sleeping between two guards when suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared. The angel woke Peter up and said, “Quick, get up!” The chains fell off of Peter. The angel told Peter to get dressed and put on his sandals. “Wrap your cloakaround you and follow me,” the angel told Peter. The angel led Peter past the first and second guard posts. Then they came to the iron gate that leads to the city. The gate opened by itself and they went outside and passed one street. Then the angel left Peter. Peter knew that God had sent the angel to rescue him from Herod. So Peter went to the house of a lady named Mary. The church had assembled there to pray for Peter. Peter knocked at the door in the gateway. A servant named Rhoda answered the knock. When she heard Peter’s voice she was so excited that she ran in to tell everyone that Peter was outside. “You’re crazy,” the people told Rhoda, but she insisted that it was true. Peter continued to knock on the door until they opened the door and saw him. Everyone was shocked. Peter told them that the angel had led him out of the prison. Peter asked the church to tell others about these things, then Peter left and went to a different place.

David Barrett