Centrikid - Day 3 and 4

Centrikid Day 3 and 4

Centrikid is made possible by so many things: tireless camp counselor, the fine folks at Lifeway, seriously awesome kids, and most importantly the grace and provsision of our Great and Living God. Something else that makes this a truly life changing week is our dedicated adult leaders. This year, Shawn and Jenn Wilson, Micelle Hallmark, Adrian Mewshaw, Nancy Todd, Dan Rhoades, Katie Barrett, and Vanessa Rivera took time off of work and their busy schedules to spend a week loving on kids. God used these 8 adult leaders in incredible ways this week. Vanessa tells us a little of her experience...

From Vanessa...

"Phew, last day at camp. As tired as I am, I'm really going to miss this place. The kids have made new friends and wonderful memories that will stay with them for many years to come. My story actually began at a camp similar to this one 22 years ago. (And no, don't try to guess how old I am haha!) I just wanted to take a second to thank all the parents, volunteers and chaperones for providing an opportunity for their kids to go to camp. This week the kids have been exposed to so much of the Gospel. Oh, how wonderful that sounds!

We talked about unseen strength this week and how it is only found in a relationship with Christ. We also talked about unseen truth and how in order to stand firm we must first realize that God's word is the source of truth. Further, we talked about unseen peace. The kdis were taught practical ways to equip themselves with the Gospel of peeace and how to share the Gospel with others. Finally,we talked about visible faith and how we can trust God and obey by faith.

It has been amazing to see how God has been working in our children's lives. This week has been a week of many firsts for me. It was my first time jumping off a diving board, first time time zip lining, first time being in a milk-chugging contest, first time at OMC (Organized Mass Chaos) and I will cherish all these memories. But more importantly for the first time I got to see how the Lord was working this week in a child's life. All week our leaders had been praying for this child. Not just any prayer, but fervently praying that this child come to know Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Mid week you could see it in his face how the wheels were turning and God was calling him and working in his life. As we were sitting in hang time, this child accepted the Lord in his life. It was such an amazing expereince to see this all taking place. As the week progressed, this child continued to ask questions about the Scriptures and even stated he wanted to be baptized. Pray the Lord!

Our verse for the week has been Ephesians 6:19: "Pray also for me that the message may be given to me when I open my mouth to make known with boldness the mystery of the Gospel." I pray that this will be the desire of all our hearts. I pray that we may all go out and boldy share the Gospel with others."

-Vanessa Rivera

Amen and amen!

David BarrettSkycroft