Centrikid - Day 1

Centrikid Day 1

Arriving at camp on the first day is like some strange mix of a Normandy Beach circa 1944 and the Israelites crossing the Red Sea. There is a massive amount of kids stampeding to the pool, water slide, and zip line, first time adult leaders cursing their Associate Pastor for talking them into this, and blood everywhere! Well, not blood. No blood. PARENTS THERE WAS NO BLOOD. Just a bunch of wide-eyed kids and adults wondering what amazing things are going to happen this week. At any rate, it would seem a good way to describe the first day is a "shepherded attack" as we descend on our home for the next week.

Something that struck me yesterday was how easily kids made friends and took no time at all to dive into camp. I know McKenna, Kaley and Riley knew each other from AWANA but these three girls have become inseperable as they go eat double scoops of ice cream and walk around the camp as, and I quote, "besties."

Not to be outdone in terms of fun, I think Thabian has set the land speed record on the camp waterslide called "Damascus Road" and Ben was the first of our campers to get called up onstage to play a game at the worship rally! The kid knows how to throw paper airplanes!

These kids are certainly having a blast. But there is something else. True, they are playing GaGa Ball and 4 Square and eating just an inordinate amount of bacon, but the truly amazing thing going on is what God is continuing to do in their lives. Even now as I write this blog post, 26 of our kids are sitting on the ground in front of me reading their daily devotionals and Bibles during their TAWG Time (Time Alone with God.) How amazing it is that 3rd-6th graders are actively spending alone time with God and enjoying it!

My prayer for today, and I would ask you all to pray too, is that God would continue to reveal Himself to these kids. Some kids have a relationship with Jesus here while others do not. Please take time to pray today that the kids who do not know Jesus would come to know Him and that those kids who do would be hungry to grow in their relationship with Him.

Please be praying for our adult leaders too. When we arrived, I am pretty sure I heard a Shakespearian-esque Adrian Mewshaw whisper ominously, "Once more into the breach dear friends." This camp is for kids absolutely. But God speaks to and renews the joy of adult leaders salvation too. Pray for Dan, Shawn, Jenn, Adrian, Micelle, Nancy, Vanessa, Katie and me. Pray that we would lead well and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading in the lives of kids and that we too would experience God this week.

Love you guys,
David Barrett