This Wednesday at Weems Creek Kids - June 29

Wednesday Evening: Kids in Motion

On Wednesday evenings, 3rd-5th graders participate in Kids in Motion. This is a program with 3 unique rotations for kids to get a well-rounded and fun small group experience. Modeling Deuteronomy 6, kids hearts are chiseled to have a passion for the things of God in
the rotation called Chisel. In Create, kids participate in interactive crafts and games that drive home the evening’s Biblical truth. In Mission, kids not only learn about the mission of God in
the world but also participate in missions.


Chisel and Create
Core Passage: Acts 10:9-15
Text Truth: Salvation is for anyone who repents of their sin and trusts in Jesus.
Connection Passage:The church continued to grow as the disciples told people about Jesus. God wanted everyone to hear about Jesus, not only the Jewish people. He had a plan to help the disciples understand this important truth. A man named Cornelius was a centurion in the Italian Army. He loved and obeyed God along with his family. He was kind to the Jewish people and always prayed to God. One day, Cornelius had a vision. An angel of God came and told him that God had heard his prayers. Cornelius was told to send men to the city of Joppa to find Peter.

One day, Peter went to the roof of a house at noon to pray. He was hungry, and while he waited for food to be prepared he had a special vision. Peter saw heaven open and a large sheet was lowered down. On the sheet were all kinds of animals, reptiles, and birds. A voice said to Peter, “Get up Peter and eat.” Peter knew that the Law had rules about what the people could eat and couldn’t eat. “No, Lord” Peter said. “I have never eaten the foods that are unclean. A second time the voice spoke and said, “What God has made clean, you should accept.”
This happened three times. Then Peter saw the sheet taken back to heaven. Peter was very confused by his visions. While he was trying to figure it out, the men sent by Cornelius arrived. The Spirit of God told Peter that three men were looking for him and that Peter should go with them. Peter obeyed.

The next day Peter and the three men traveled to Cornelius’s house. Peter went inside and found many people there. Peter said, “You know the Law said that a Jewish person and a non-Jewish person should not visit together. But God has shown me that this rule no longer applies because of Jesus. Why did you send for me?” Cornelius explained that he had a vision that he should send for Peter. Everyone had come to Cornelius’ house to hear what God wanted Peter to tell them.
Peter said, “Now I understand. God doesn’t have favorites. In every nation, the person who believes is acceptable to Him.” Then Peter told everyone about Jesus. Jesus had been sent by God. He had died on the cross, but God had raised Him from the dead. Finally Peter said, “Everyone who believes in Jesus will receive forgiveness of their sins.” Many of the Gentiles believed in Jesus and were saved. The church continued to grow.

David Barrett