We're saving a seat for you this Easter Season!

Everyone has a story. Some peoples stories are filled with happy moments while other's are dotted, and even submerged, in pain. No matter who you are or where you have come from, at Weems Creek, we believe that everyone's story can be filled with authentic and incredible love because of what happened on the first Easter when Jesus announced to all the world that a cross would equal His love for humanity. We would love for you to join us this Easter season as we explore Jesus’ never ending love for us. Check out what is happening at Weems Creek this Easter season and how you can be a part of it! We're saving a seat for you!


Stay connected during passion Week

Set yourself up to be intentional during Passion Week by receiving text messages from Weems Creek alerting you when events take place. You'll know when Jesus cursed the fig tree, when Passover began and so much more!

Check out this multimedia study as you follow Jesus' steps during Passion Week through the Gospel of Matthew. Click the button below to download your free Passion Week Devotional Guide.

For more details and info about Jesus and the events of Passion Week, check out the Easter blog updated daily this week. Click on the button below to access!

A part of the Passion Week Devotional Guide are videos featuring people from Weems Creek discussing the theme and passage for the day. Each day we'll post a new video of two people walking through what God is saying in the passage, pondering how they can personally obey, and thinking about who they can tell what God is saying in the passage. You can access the videos by clicking the button below or watching the latest video here.

Easter Events at Weems Creek


Family Passover Meal

Sunday April 9 | 5:30

Children, youth and their families are invited to be a part of the Family Passover Meal where we'll celebrate the Passover and experience how Jesus is our Passover Lamb. There will be no AWANA or Youth Discipleship this night. Instead we hope you'll join us for this sacred time of remembrance. Be sure to sign up at the Connect Center.


Good Friday Service

Friday, April 14 | 630pm

Why do we call Good Friday good? A lot of us scratch our heads at this. Easter is the good part right? Friday was the day when Jesus was beaten, flogged, nailed to a cross and executed. How is that good?

Good Friday is indeed a good Friday because, the Cross of Christ though painful, dreadful and violent was our debt that was paid, our freedom that was purchased, and our wrath we should have bore. Good Friday, in all of its horror, was good news for us all! It echoes the power of the cross and the promise of the resurrection; it’s the Gospel; it’s the Good News; it’s the hope we all need.

Easter Service_Web.jpg

Easter Celebration Service

Sunday, April 16 | 11AM

Easter is the day that everything changed forever. The resurrection is proof that Good Friday worked. It worked not only on the day Jesus walked out of the tomb, but it works today! Think about this: if God brought life out of death in Jesus’ resurrection, then He for sure can bring life and healing back to the mess you’ve made of your heart and your life and work His power in and around you. We're saving a seat for you Easter Sunday at 11am.

Easter Sermon Series