The Best Summer Ever

Summer is a great opportunity to be intentional to grow personally, with your spouse and with your kids. As you prepare for summer, we want to equip you to make this a significant time for you and your family. Consider the content below that we hope will foster great conversations and experiences with your spouse, teens, kids and grandkids.


Family Fun Kit

Pick up a free bucket of family fun ideas at the Faith@Home Center. The Family Fun Kit contains lots of ideas and resources to help you be intentional this summer with your family. The kit is also available to download by clicking the button below.


Recipe Cards

Our hope is not to give you a long list of things to “do" this summer, but rather to provide options to help you look to Jesus in creative ways this season. Check out these Recipe Cards where you can find ideas, examples and instructions for many of these activities.

Couples Bucket List

Summer Tech Guide


Summer Event Calendar

Check out what is happening this summer below! If you have any questions on weekly programs or special events, feel free to reach out to Pastor David Barrett.