Remembering + Rejoicing + watching + Waiting

The King is coming. Jesus Christ has come and will come again. In fact, this is the theme of “Advent,” which is formed from a Latin word meaning “coming” or “arrival.” Advent is the traditional celebration of the first advent of Jesus in humility and the anxious awaiting of His second in glory. The season is a time for remembering and rejoicing, watching and waiting. During the holiday season it is easy to get lost in busyness and the consumer-driven “promises” of our culture, focusing on the shadow rather than the substance—Jesus Christ. But amid the fleeting things that fail to save us and fill us, God comes through on His promises. Below, you will find resources and information to help you experience the depth and riches of the Advent Season.

A number of things compete for our time, attention, affections and resources during the holiday season. In the blink of an eye, the beauty, spirit and intent of Christmas can be consumed by the clamoring of commercialism and activities. Faith@Home is all about equipping and inspiring you to build a God-honoring home one step at a time so we want to help you leverage the holiday season to do just that. As you think about and plan for the coming season, prayerfully consider what you want this season of Advent to be marked by for your family. To give you practical ideas for intentionality, check out Faith@Home Christmas.


As a church, we will walk through the Advent narrative together in the Worship Service as well as at home. The Advent Devotional Guide serves as an introduction to the Advent season to awaken the angst of waiting, longing and yearning for Jesus. The guide will take us on a journey from the longing of the Old Testament saints for the Messiah, to Christ’s first advent, to the longing that we now experience for His return. We will see hints and shadows of God’s promises of a Messiah, His fulfillment of those promises in His Son and the promise of a future advent when Christ will return and all will be made new. The guide consists of five weeks of material with each week containing a personal as well as family devotional.


Candles and Wreaths

There are a variety of ways to celebrate the Advent season, depending on tradition and background. A popular tradition is marking the progression of the season through an Advent wreath made up of five candles. This symbol is borrowed from the emphasis throughout Scripture of Jesus Christ being the Light of the World (Matt. 4:16; John 1:4-9, 8:12). Each week a new candle is lit in anticipation of Christmas Eve. The last candle, called the Christ Candle, is lit on Christmas Eve to represent Jesus’ first advent. Through this theme of ever-increasing light penetrating the darkness, we see a picture of the gospel. We want to make it easier for you and your family to experience the Advent season. Sometimes its difficult to find candles and rings so from Sunday, November 27 - Sunday, December 18 we will be selling Advent candles for $3 and Advent wreath rings for $5. after the Worship Service. For ideas on how to make your Advent wreath, check out the Weems Creek Advent Pinterest Board.